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"Pagurus" means hermit crab.

  Pagurus Nature & Camp Kashima is a "shared Nature Lovers inn" with a shared living room based on the philosophy of "horizontal riding, connection, and expansion." Unlike hotels and inns, it is a shared space that emphasizes connections with other people such as guests who meet for the first time, Pagurus staff, local people, etc., and from the moment you step in, you will be captivated by Pagurus ... I am aiming for a high-priced inn.


  You can stay from 4,000 per person per night without meals, and feel free to ask for local information that is not found in tourist books and relationships that are different from the usual community. People of various backgrounds, regardless of occupation, age, or nationality, are around the world. I am aiming for a place to gather from inside.


  The way the space should be is like turning a page, touching the values of various people and expanding the world view. Going back to everyday life, I suddenly quoted a thought circuit asking, "What would that person do in such a case?", And could arrive at a new answer ...

  Why don't you "go to the sea " at "Pagurus", a travel inn where you can expand your "life choices"?


















Pagurus Nature&Camp  鹿島
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 Pagurus Nature&Camp鹿島

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